Instructor Contacts

Quick Tips from the Instructors

Instructors may utilize online discussion boards to simulate classroom discussion and some instructors may require a predetermined response time and criteria for posted messages. Some instructors may also utilize group work in the online setting. Often, groups will be organized online and students must coordinate to complete a specific objective. Peer evaluations are often used in this scenario.

A student should never assume that an instructor knows that there is a problem with a Brightspace item. Just as hardware fails, software (particularly webpages like Brightspace) may experience technical difficulties at times. It is important that the online student raise questions if problems are encountered to an instructor.

Students should also be aware that some instructors are now creating "hybrid" courses which are part online, part classroom. Students are cautioned to be certain that the "classroom" portion of the course fits their schedule. Instructors will typically try and concentrate the on-campus portions to minimize travel for off-campus students.

Online Instructor Contact Information

Missouri State University-West Plains online instructors are easy to reach. If you have questions, click the Faculty List link to search for your instructor to send an email question or find their phone number to call them. You should receive an answer to your question by the next business day. For immediate assistance during normal business hours, call 417-255-7272 or email