Placement Testing

Degree-seeking students at Missouri State University-West Plains may be required to take the ACT unless they have more than 24 college credit-hours when they begin their degree program. The ACT is the primary placement evaluation, though students are also tested for placement in the English composition sequence and can be tested for placement in the math sequence.

ACT Testing:

The advisement and academic coaching center for empowering student success (AACCESS) at Missouri State University-West Plains gives a residual ACT test on the West Plains and Mountain Grove campuses. These scores usually cannot be submitted to other colleges. Cost of the ACT is $50. Upcoming test dates are listed on the AACCESS website.

Students who do not live within easy traveling distance of West Plains or Mountain Grove can take the ACT at an approved center. To locate a test site go to the ACT website. Fees for taking the ACT at a site other than Missouri State University-West Plains or its extended campuses can be found on the ACT student website.

English Placement Testing:

All students who will take English classes at Missouri State University-West Plains (which includes all degree-seeking students) must complete a writing sample. There is no fee for the writing sample.

At this time, those samples are administered on the West Plains and extended campuses. For more information about completing the writing sample, go to the English Writing Placement Exam webpage.

Math Placement Testing:

In order to help students begin in the highest math class in which they are likely to be successful, students are placed according to test scores and previous classes taken. The scores on the mathematics portion of the ACT will be used for degree-seeking students and scores on the math placement test will be used to place dual enrollment students and other students admitted in the "special" category.

The math placement test is a 30-minute, timed exam covering material from high school Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. There is no fee for the math placement test. Students may learn more from the Academic Support Center placement testing page.

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