Section 3: Infrequent and Non-Routine Purchases

As should be expected, there are times, and situations, which will not lend themselves well to any of the following sections. Accordingly, this section will undoubtedly increase in length as users identify more instances which are legitimate examples of exceptions to the Policy and Procedure Manual. The following are situations which meet that criteria, and the manner in which they should be handled is stated herein:

Moving Expenses

When the employment of new staff includes payment of moving expenses, in full or in part, by the University, the hiring department should immediately put the newly hired staff member in touch with the Purchasing Department, in order that the correct process for selecting a moving firm may be followed. The staff member who is moving will be able to participate in the selection process, but proper dialogue between the University, the staff member, and the moving company, is necessary, in order that moving expenses do not become an issue after the move has been completed, and the moving company is ready to get paid for their services.

Travel Expenses for Applicants

Travel expenses for applicants, both selected and non-selected, are to be reimbursed using the University Travel Expense Form. Petty Cash, DOF, and UBUY Requisitions are not the correct manner for reimbursement for Travel Expenses, for applicants, or for staff members.

Travel Expenses for Consultants/Personal Service Contractors

Reimbursements for travel expenses, when related to consultant services, or personal services contractors, should be specifically addressed in the contract, and should be included in the total amount encumbered on the UBUY Requisition, which is the correct document to process in these situations. Item #1 on the UBUY should be the contract amount, and Item #2 should be the amount for travel expenses, etc.

Travel Expenses for Employees

Travel Regulations are established, and distributed by the Office of Financial Services, and the appropriate forms for reimbursement are available through that office. Reimbursement for Travel Expenses through the use of a Departmental Order Form, a UBUY requisition, or Petty Cash, is inappropriate. Certain travel-related expenses can be pre-paid, using the purchasing process, such as conference registration fees, and be processed as a UBUY requisition. Lodging expenses may also be pre-paid, although travelers should be cautioned that changed travel plans, and pre-paid lodging can result in problems. A UBUY requisition should be used for this process.